The Latest Technologies in Key Making at GlobalKey

The Latest Technologies in Key Making at GlobalKey
Safety Meets Convenience with GlobalKey's Expertise
When people think of car keys, many still imagine the traditional, physically cut key. But with the rapid advancements in technology, key-making technology has become more advanced. At GlobalKey, we've kept pace with this evolution and have implemented the latest technologies to ensure that our customers get the best in car key security and convenience.

Transponder Keys
These keys, which became popular in the 1990s and are part of GlobalKey's area of expertise, have an embedded chip. When the key is inserted into the ignition, it sends a unique code to the car's computer. If the code is correct, the car allows the start, effectively preventing car theft via "hotwiring."

Smart Keys
These advanced keys, which we frequently work with at GlobalKey, communicate wirelessly with the car. As you approach the vehicle, it recognizes your key and automatically unlocks the doors.

Remote-Controlled Keys
Many modern keys now, including those we produce at GlobalKey, allow owners to turn on the car lights, open the trunk, or even start the car remotely.

Keyless Entry Systems
This system, which we also specialize in, allows users to unlock the car simply by touching the door handle, provided the key is nearby.

Key Cards
Some modern cars, especially those in the premium segment, now come with key cards. GlobalKey also has experience with these, which function like a key but are shaped like a credit card and can be stored in your wallet.

Technological advancements have made car keys both more secure and convenient. At GlobalKey, we understand the importance of keeping up with this evolution so we can offer our customers the best service in key-making.
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