Here's what to do when you've locked your keys or lost them

Here's what to do when you've locked your keys or lost them
- Keep calm and assess the situation
Remain calm and see if there are alternative methods of entry, such as unlocked doors or windows. Stress can make the situation worse, so take a deep breath and think rationally.

- Contact us immediately
Call our emergency number on 52 53 75 52 or send an SMS if we are busy or unable to answer. Have your number plate ready so that we can quickly look up your car in our system. This applies to all car brands, from Mercedes and BMW to Audi and Toyota, - Kia, Hyundai, Peugeot and many more.

- Stay with your car
If you have lost or stolen your key, stay with your car until assistance arrives. We assess whether we can manufacture new keys on site or whether it is necessary to tow your car to our workshop, especially for advanced key systems such as those in Volvo or Lexus.

- Our arrival and service
When we arrive, we assess the situation and begin the emergency opening. We use specialist equipment to open your car without causing damage and manufacture new keys on site if possible. Payment can be made via Dankort or MobilePay after the end of the service.

- Prevention of future problems
Consider having a manual spare key made that you can keep at home for a small fee. We offer a discount on the manufacture of extra spare keys, which can save you from future problems.

- Fast and cost effective service
In 90% of cases where keys are lost, our customers can use their car again within 24 hours. This is in sharp contrast to dealers, where the waiting time is often at least 2 weeks and the price can be up to 3-4 times higher than ours.

After following these steps, you should be better prepared to deal with situations where you have locked your keys in the car or lost them. Remember, it's important to act quickly and stay calm to ensure your car and its keys are handled safely and efficiently. By following this guide and using our services, you ensure that you can quickly get on with your day without major disruptions. Remember, prevention is the key to less stress: invest in an extra key and keep it safe. If you ever find yourself in an emergency again, we are ready to help you – your safety net when the accident is over.

Thank you for choosing GLOBAL KEY for your car key needs. We're here to help you make sure little mistakes don't turn into big problems.
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