How We Saved a Range Rover Owner from Long Waits and High Costs

How We Saved a Range Rover Owner from Long Waits and High Costs


At GLOBAL KEY, we are always ready to assist when misfortune strikes. One of our recent successes involved a 2018 Range Rover whose owner faced both a hefty bill and a long wait after losing his last car key.

The Situation:

Our client came to us in despair after losing the only key to his Range Rover. He had been informed by the dealer that it would cost between 30,000 and 40,000 DKK to have new keys made and would additionally have to wait two weeks for the solution. An unacceptable situation for any car owner.

Our Solution:

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we knew exactly what was needed. We manufactured and coded a new master key on the spot. Our efficient service ensured that the entire process from start to finish was handled in under 24 hours.

The Result:

Not only did our client get his car back the next day, but he also saved a significant amount of money. The car's owner could hardly believe that his vehicle was ready for pickup so quickly and at a quarter of the price he had originally been quoted.


This example highlights the importance of having a reliable and experienced partner when it comes to car keys. At GLOBAL KEY, we are proud to offer fast and economical solutions to our customers. Have you lost your key, or are you in a similar situation? Contact us today to see how we can help you get back on the road quickly and efficiently.

Call to Action:

Visit our website, call us, or stop by our store at Roskildevej 334, 2630 Tåstrup for personal assistance and professional advice. We look forward to helping you!

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